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JIM PLAY – Loughborough Gym

Loughborough’s freshest gym & fitness experience. At JIM our desire is to provide inspired flexible fitness solutions that challenge the status quo, we believe that fitness is a lifestyle not a membership.

JIM provides a modern yet inspirational gym environment to train in. JIM has an enhanced focus on working out as efficiently as possible so that clients are encouraged and motivated when exercising in our gym.

With a balanced combination of open spaces, machine and free weight areas, JIM is a unique gym that can cater for any training regime or style. We encourage gym users to understand the basics of human movement and to then apply that knowledge in their physical performance. We believe this will help our users to improve their workouts making them as natural and fluid as possible in supporting the body’s basic needs.

Providing education and encouragement to all clients to support our high class facilities, JIM is a gym in which all users can feel comfortable and confident when they workout. Whatever your goal, JIM is a gym whereby you can feel assured that you have everything you need to achieve these desires. Be it equipment, inspiration or basic guidance and support, JIM is the gym that has it all and more!




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