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Welcome to our blog!! Here the JIM team will keep you informed regularly of all the goings on in the gym here in Loughborough through regular blogs and post updates.

If you ever have any questions following something you read in the blog, just pop in or contact the gym team and we’ll be more than happy to help! We love to hear feedback from everyone so if there is a topic you would like to know more about, whether it is JIM specific or a general gym topic, why not suggest it for our next blog?!

We will always strive to keep content current and exciting and of course as informative as possible about our gym in Loughborough, this blog should be a great insight into how we run our fitness centre. As well as telling you all a bit more about the ideas and the team behind the innovative brand.

In the beginnings of our blog we invited professional blogger Annie Bean down to try JIM and she has kindly written us a lovely review! She is now very excited to challenge her body further after the first visit. Check out what she had to say on Annie’s blog here

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JIM Games 2

JIM Games 2 Don’t fear the competition, make the competition fear you… 11.06.2016 Remember in school when you had sports day? The egg and spoon race or throw the bean bag were only a few of the highlights, but nothing felt better than winning a gold star for beating everybody else! Unfortunately as we get […]

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The JIM Gym Journey – Throwback

The JIM Gym Journey As we start to plan some exciting new events and campaigns for the rest of the year ahead with some great offers coming your way, we thought we would look back at some of the progress we have made so far. A nice throwback to remember the memories … Build phase […]

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JIM has the best of more

We understand you sometimes need a bit more than just fantastic facilities to keep you motivated on your gym journey towards your fitness goals, which is why we always strive to provide our members and clients the very best of more. The extra luxuries of classes and personal trainers in gyms are sometimes taken for […]

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Have you met JIM?

Have you met JIM yet?   It’s the 6th week of 2016 and here at JIM in Loughborough we are starting to wonder have we met you yet? Those of you that made the New Year’s resolution to join a gym, to lose weight, to be healthier, to be fitter, to be stronger …those of […]

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JIM loves January   

What a year for JIM it’s been. As a unique gym nuzzled in the centre of Loughborough, we have come a long way, and have decided to take advantage of our end of year post to shout about it… but most importantly to help you on your way to New Year fitness. We have been […]

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What’s your excuse in winter?

The Christmas adverts have officially been launched and we are now heading towards non-stop shades of green and red. It is a time of year everyone loves the build up to, but afterwards in January you can’t look at a magazine or watch the TV without something screaming ‘NEW YEAR! NEW YOU! We all love […]

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JIM Classes – Gym Classes Loughborough

Don’t you hate those days when the alarm goes off and you’d rather do anything else in order to avoid it? Let alone even consider getting out of bed for the gym! Or what about times when you’ve finished your lectures or your day at work? Even though you bought your gym kit with you […]

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JIM Student Offers and Class Timetable

Can you believe it is Fresher’s Week? Whether it’s your first year in Loughborough or your third, the excitement of Fresher’s is never something to be sniffed at. It’s the opportunity to discover everything the University and the town has to offer, so with that in mind JIM is jumping feet first onto the Loughborough […]

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New membership deals – gym Loughborough

Can you believe we’ve now been open for nearly a year? It’s true, we can’t believe it either! What started out as just ‘that stylish gym’ in Loughborough has now developed into so much more, so much so that others don’t even compare now. We’ve just launched our new membership packages which have been designed […]

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What’s your excuse for not joining the gym?

Squeezing everything into our daily lives can be time consuming, boring and often very draining. Our energy levels dip and the last thing on our minds after a hard day’s work is hitting the gym. Sometimes needs must and that horrible day does take priority and chilling out is the best thing to do, but […]

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