After looking into extensive scientific research and hearing from the biggest and most respected names in the industry when it comes to supplements…

…Here are the REAL DEAL supplements.

Not just some tub with epic branding and picture of some jacked up dude on the front trying to sell you BS.

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Whey Protein


It’s as simple as that. Whey Protein is an easy and fast digesting source that makes it easier to hit those protein requirements to building that badass physique, because remember, when building muscle, PROTEIN INTAKE is the biggest influence in whether you achieve your goals.

“Which Whey Protein is Best?”

I know, theres so many ‘versions’ of Whey… Diet Whey… Whey Isolate… Whey Concentrate etc…

Now, they are all do the exact same thing, provide you with Whey Protein – A fast digesting protein source. The reason they have different names tend to be because they will appeal better to certain types of people. For example, ‘Diet Whey’ will sell better to women who are looking to lose weight purely because they’ve used the word ‘diet’. But really the difference to a standard whey is very, very minimal and not worth paying the extra ££’s for.

Whey Isolate has shown to have a higher gram of Protein per serving, which is great, however when you compare it to a normal Whey Protein the difference is only a couple of grams, and in the grand scheme of things doesn’t make that much of a difference. However with the price being substantially different, you will find it making a massive difference in your back pocket.


MyProtein – Impact Whey Protein (Vanilla)

Best Value for Money, Best Tasting, Good Flavour to Mix in with Baking/Cooking/Smoothies.

Creatine Monohydrate


The most researched supplement on the market. Creatine is a substance found in red meats, however when taken in supplement form regularly you can expect to develop a bigger frame, increased muscular endurance and heightened strength levels.

In recent years there has been claims that creatine can affect the liver and other areas of the body, however none of these claims are backed with any evidence and long term research studies on creatine have been created to back their safety.

You will find every elite level athlete will be taking creatine as an aid to increase their sports performance.


Creatine Monohydrate: Tablets

Powder version can also be a good choice, but I don’t like the taste of it and the tablet form also saves any mixing.

Caffeine Tablets


Fat burners are rubbish, the only thing useful in them for fat burning is the caffeine – because thats what gives you that little bit extra in the tank to do that bit more. Often they contain no more caffeine than a strong cup of coffee, expensive when its often £40 a tub.

Pre-Workouts are great, but again, dominantly only useful for the caffeine content in them as they are often 200mg-300mg per serving. Tubs with 30 servings in can cost £35..


Caffeine Pro

The reasons you take fat burners or pre workout is for the effect of the caffeine. Now, instead of paying £35+, you can buy caffeine tables at 200mg p/serving for only a £5…

Thats 100 servings for £5 or 5p per serving!

Or just drink a few cups of strong coffee!

OMEGA 3 Fish Oils


Contribute to normal function of the heart, balance out levels of fatty acids and particularly good for those lacking fish in their diet.


MyProtein – Omega 3

Vitamin D3


Improves Cognitive Function, Improves the Immune Systems capability, Particularly good for those that don’t get enough direct sunlight.


MyProtein – Vitamin D3

Vitamin C


Being an Antioxidant, Vitamin C reduces the effect of stressors such as exercise on the body. It has also shown to be effective protection against infections and reduce the duration of common cold symptoms. Although it is recommended not to take around training sessions as it may affect training adaptations.


MyProtein – Chewable Vitamin C



Zinc can help reduce the severity and duration of colds and flus within 24hrs of supplementation. It also reduces the likelyhood of contracting illnesses when supplement for around 6 months.


MyProtein – Zinc

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