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Gym memberships at JIM Loughborough

What do we offer?

  • Peak, off-peak, super off-peak, super-duper on peak, gold, or silver gym memberships? … No
  • We start our monthly fees at just £28 which amounts to 92p a day!
  • Our memberships don’t limit when you can and can’t use JIM, we give you full access to all of our gym and changing facilities during our opening times.
  • This includes free access to classes in the gym for all members.
  • We won’t charge you a joining fee, induction fee or any other add-ons, we’re really excited about you joining our gym and that’s enough for us.

Are you committed to the gym and your health?

  • If you want to commit to your health and fitness for 12 months then we’ll offer you even more!
  • Sign up to our gym for 12 months, and we’ll give you your first month free to encourage you to stay committed.

Added extras?

  • For your 92p a day we believe we provide everything you could need to complete a great gym workout, but we know that sometimes people like some extra luxuries when they exercise.
  • We also provide refreshments in sit-in or takeaway options that are available to purchase at a small extra cost.
  • These nutrition products are suitable for before, during or after your workout to help maximise your sessions.
  • We have some great personal trainers who can guide you and enhance your workout – each offering competitive prices for sessions. 

Gym JIM Loughborough

Help us make it the best possible gym environment for you all

We’ve all had those frustrating experiences where the gym environment we’re in just makes it too annoying to exercise. Be it people being too messy, too noisy or too inconsiderate, it can leave us all frustrated and annoyed when working out. This is something we really want to work hard on here at JIM.

We want to create a gym environment where everyone is happy, comfortable and free to train as best and as effectively as they can. We as staff are readily available and willing to enhance the gym environment but we also need your help as users to help us give you the best possible workout experience.

This is your JIM environment, we’ll look after it for you and we’d love it if you would too! So please can you help us by reading our guidelines below and following a few simple courtesy behaviours to ensure that we can all enjoy JIM and we can all work out in a great gym environment.

  • No excessive grunting
  • No forgetting leg day
  • No dropping weights unless Olympic lifting
  • No swearing
  • No hogging equipment
  • No hovering or pressuring others to finish with their equipment


  • Do bring a towel and wipe down the equipment after use
  • Do put your weights away
  • Do remember that everyone in the gym is equal, everybody has equal rights to every piece of equipment.
  • Do keep your belongings that you’re using on the gym floor close to you and tidy
  • Do lift weights that you can manage with the correct technique and use a spotter appropriately
  • Do look after the equipment you are using

Jim Loughborough Gym


Thank you from the gym team at JIM Loughborough!

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