Our Ethos for our Loughborough Gym


Fitness is about your lifestyle not a membership.

About us and our beliefs, at JIM Gym Loughborough, our desire is to provide inspired, flexible fitness and gym solutions that challenge the status quo.

We believe in the following:

  • Challenging the gym culture in Loughborough and further afield with the JIM culture.
  • JIM culture promotes optimising workouts and gym experiences through a stripped back approach by providing you with a fully equipped gym but with a more industrial feel, ensuring that your focus is on your workout rather than unnecessary extras.
  • We aim to develop a differentiated approach to working out in gyms by educating our users about the best way to achieve their goals and improve their health and fitness.

about jim gym loughborough

Be Inspired

Its all about motivation

At JIM Gym in Loughborough we want to empower our clients to take control of their gym experiences, workouts, and their lifestyles in order to maximise their potential and improve their health and fitness.

We provide:

  • A strength and conditioning gym environment with added facilities for cardio and core body workouts
  • An inspired learning experience to enable members and clients about the best ways to achieve their goals
  • An encouraging and motivating environment to help users understand how they can go about most effectively using their bodies to enhance their workout experience.

Our gym team are always about and on hand to help you with your workouts and learning about new ways in which you can exercise to ensure you are always working effectively towards your goals. We want to keep you inspired, focused and motivated.

JIM believes in promoting exercise which enhances our body’s natural movements and workouts which follow the true rhythm of our bodies rather than forcing ourselves into a mechanical workout which restricts our ability to play and move freely … This is our concept of JIM Plays, an unrivalled fitness experience.


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