The JIM Gym Journey – Throwback

April 1, 2016

The JIM Gym Journey

As we start to plan some exciting new events and campaigns for the rest of the year ahead with some great offers coming your way, we thought we would look back at some of the progress we have made so far. A nice throwback to remember the memories …

Build phase

It seems like an age ago that the build of JIM began, as a former nightclub in Loughborough transformed into a unique and inspiring gym, it is hard to remember it ever looked any different.

JIM gym loughborough new

Check out one of our first blogs to read about our beginnings.

best gym in loughborough JIM

Seeing it develop over the course of just 3 months was a great process for those involved in the refurbishment and the initial project. The amount of hard work and dedication put into building a great gym for Loughborough is an ethos our staff strive to maintain and use to motivate our members daily.

Open weekend

And the doors were opened!!

best gym in loughborough JIM Play


This was an incredibly exciting day for us to invite our friends, family, and the public as our future members of the JIM family to come and enjoy everything we had built. With chances to look round, to train for free for everyone and a live DJ, the atmosphere was amazing!

live music in JIM gym


JIM Games

It is difficult to describe this day without going overboard on the cheesey descriptions, but this was one of the best days in JIM’s gym journey! We welcomed teams from Loughborough to enter and put themselves up in a massive test of strength and fitness that truly test everyone to their limits.

JIM Games, Loughborough Gym


From the staff that organised the event and ran the day to the competitors taking part, everyone really excelled and demonstrated amazing enthusiasm for JIM and the gym fitness test we had put on.

gym JIM Games


Watch this space for round 2!

Welcoming the students back to Loughborough and back to JIM

Our student deals and competitions saw the launch of an upgraded gym through new great membership offers and an exciting class timetable launched to add to our JIM Roulette and running map, to keep giving all our members more.

classes in loughborough gyms JIM 

We welcomed you all to come and play in our gym and did! Our membership grew massively during these months and stronger JIM family developed. We love how close our members are with us and one another, it helps to have your friends through your gym journeys and we’re so pleased we have created a strong unit.


JIM Gym Journey

Working together as a united team, as staff and with our members has allowed us to grow to where we are today. Thank you if you have been a part of our journey, we couldn’t have done it without each and everyone of you. We hope we have helped you in your individual journeys too and you can see how much progress you have made.

family gym Loughborough

It is nice to look back and see how far we have come, it is always important to remember your journey so you can continue to grow and develop. If you have struggled with your gym journey lately, take a look back and see how far you have come, this can be the best motivation to keep going.

Remember all the team at JIM are always more than willing to help if you are struggling with your fitness journey or your progression in the gym, so just pop in and see how we can help.

Whether you’re an existing member of JIM gym or not, we want to help everyone in Loughborough with their health and fitness so don’t be afraid to ask or pick up a free gym day pass for JIM here to see how we can help and come join our family!

fitness classes in loughborough gyms JIM

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