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February 19, 2016

We understand you sometimes need a bit more than just fantastic facilities to keep you motivated on your gym journey towards your fitness goals, which is why we always strive to provide our members and clients the very best of more. The extra luxuries of classes and personal trainers in gyms are sometimes taken for granted as a standard, but here at JIM in Loughborough we actively seek out the best of these extras.

This month we want to introduce you properly to all our great personal trainers and give you a reminder of some of the amazing classes we have on offer. In addition to this we also want to tease you with the introduction of a brilliant new class coming to our gym very soon!

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Personal Trainers

We are set to launch a visual display of our talented and inspiring personal trainers in the gym in the coming weeks, but we’re too excited to wait  for that to tell you about them. At JIM we have spent lots of time and effort training some great PTs in-house as well as recruiting only the best from outside our gym.

We are proud to boast a wide variety of PTs who can help you across a range disciplines whether it be sports specific training and conditioning, mass bodybuilding, physique competition preparation or your usual fat loss and fitness improvement, we are confident that we have to best people here in JIM who can help you achieve these gym goals. Don’t delay, ask us at reception today to be pointed in their direction!

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At JIM we fully understand that nothing beats a good workout with your mates, so we have spent time perfecting our classes to give you a great time and a great workout so you’ll have fun while working hard towards your fitness goals. Our class instructors go above and beyond to make sure you are working to your best level to ensure we are giving you the best of more!

Our gym classes provide a wide range of workouts to try in various training areas from strength building to fat loss to plyometric and mobilisation improvement. All of the classes we do are catered to offering you best performance and fitness developments possible.

If you need a little extra push in your weekly workout schedule, grab your mates, head down to JIM and join in one of our revolutionary gym classes, you’ll never look back!

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Indoor Cycling

Finally! The bit we’re most excited to tease you about!!

We have some super exciting plans for a new indoor cycling class coming to JIM gym in Loughborough very soon! We’re working very hard behind the scenes to make this our best class offering yet and we can’t wait to show you what we’re planning.

….but shhh that’s all we’re saying for now!


spin in JIM gym classes

What are you waiting for? The best personal trainers, the best classes and the best plans for development, JIM gives you the best of more. Join today and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

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