Have you met JIM?

February 8, 2016

Have you met JIM yet?


It’s the 6th week of 2016 and here at JIM in Loughborough we are starting to wonder have we met you yet? Those of you that made the New Year’s resolution to join a gym, to lose weight, to be healthier, to be fitter, to be stronger …those of you that we can and want to help achieve those goals. Have you met JIM yet?

We’re also wondering whether you’re 6 weeks into 2016, you’ve joined a gym and you’ve already lost motivation or temptation has begun to creep in pulling you off your fitness journey, have you met JIM yet? Maybe you’re one of the unlucky ones to join a gym in Loughborough to find out it is now closing down, have you met JIM yet?


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Because we want to meet you. We want to help you. We want to make your goals our goals. We want to bring you back on track towards achieving what you set out to. JIM wants to meet you. At JIM we don’t believe in average, we believe in helping our members actually reach their goals and being the best they can be.

How do we do that you ask? We care. It is as simple as that.

Amongst all our fancy gym equipment and our quirky design are passionate and enthusiastic staff members who are dedicated to getting to know you and providing you with the best chances of achieving your goals.

We understand that these changes are hard to make but we’re here for the long term and your goals should be too – we want to help you make lifestyle changes beyond just ‘joining a gym’. Changes supported by JIM will last and will keep you the best you, not an average Joe.

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So we have listened to your demands for help and this month sees the launch of an extended classes timetable to make sure you can keep on track. We also have our JIM roulette ready to help you – quick and easy gym workout cards that are free to all JIM users.


So if you’re one of those people we’ve mentioned above, hit with the temptation of a night out or a takeaway that has made you fall off track, or you just haven’t got round to starting yet, we would really love to meet you …today. Don’t wait, let’s get started!

If you’re not a member already, come and see us and let us help you achieve your gym goals this year. If you are a member struggling a bit long the way, don’t be shy, let JIM meet you and help you find your motivation again.

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