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December 23, 2015

What a year for JIM it’s been. As a unique gym nuzzled in the centre of Loughborough, we have come a long way, and have decided to take advantage of our end of year post to shout about it… but most importantly to help you on your way to New Year fitness. We have been working hard to get a balance between offering something you see in other gyms but also pushing those boundaries to set ourselves apart from them – we think we’re now finally onto a winner. With a diverse range of new group exercises classes, gym roulette and of course, the new summertime challenge The JIM Games, we really have done a lot and it’s only going to get better.

So, the New Year is approaching fast and it could well be the time to put down the chocolate, ditch the takeaway and switch to those trainers that have been gathering dust for the past year. Now, let’s get things straight from the get-go, we believe you don’t need a New Year to start your routine but we know some people need a starting point and maybe 2016 is the year for you.

If you know that’s the right point for you then let us tell you how we can help in making 2016 the year you achieve your fitness or weight goals.

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A few tips from the JIM team for your 2016 fitness.

– Never start your fitness on a Monday, start midweek. According to studies if you begin on a Monday you are far more likely to fall off the wagon midweek. Start midweek and you’re far more likely to stick to your plan

– Start small and build. Don’t go hell for leather and push yourself to a ridiculous extreme. If you do too much too quickly you’ll put your poor unexercised body into a mini melt down. Start with maybe two small sessions a week and go from there

– Ask for advice! That is what we are here for at the end of the day. We honestly do not bite! Plus by getting to grips from the start you’ll reduce the risk of injury and find out what sort of training you want to do.

– Bring a friend. Having an exercise buddy can make those hard workouts fly and become far more enjoyable. We actually have a recommend a friend offer happening in January, where every member who refers a friend who joins they get a month free! So joining with someone could help with fitness… and of course give you a super January offer. (T&Cs apply)

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– Try a group class. There is the saying safety in numbers for a reason! Nervous? Worried? Totally clueless?! Fear not, a group exercise class is one of the best starting points to build your confidence. You can get a lot out of a session –the trainer will push you to a limit that suits you. Everyone else is in the same boat plus you have a social element to check off as sometimes working out solo can get lonely or boring. Want to find out about the ever growing range of classes that JIM does? Have a look at our previous blog post about it here.

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– Get a plan. Training plans are essential. Go into the gym clueless and the 20 minute run can turn into 10 minutes, the weights session can result in missing out those pesky bicep curls because you can’t be bothered – getting the idea? Either book in for a training plan session with one of our personal trainers or pick up a handy JIM Roulette card to give you inspiration on workouts every time you come in.

There is no reason why you can’t come and try us out now, it’s only £5.00 to pay and go as you please. Once you know if you like us (which we’re sure you will) you can then take full advantage of our January membership offer, with the 1st month free and a reduced monthly rate thereafter. Not bad hey?!

If you’re already part of our wonderful JIM family, we want to thank you for your support this year. We also believe now is the time to get you ready for 2016, by taking advantage of the New Year and giving yourself a brand new fitness challenge! Fancy pushing your fitness levels with new exercises? You must try one of our awesome group exercise classes. Or perhaps you just want a complete fitness makeover to spark up your love of exercise again? You definitely need a JIM PT to help you achieve just that! And of course if you’ve felt lonely exercising this year then embrace the JIM January offer; refer a friend to join and gain yourself a free month… and a gym buddy!

Whatever you decide to do have that mince pie but just remind yourself to keep active in some way, by burning that bit extra will make you enjoy the Christmas indulgence all the more.  Plus when you get to January and everyone else is panicking about devouring that entire selection box in one sitting, it’ll be an absolute walk in Queens Park for you.

Here are our Christmas opening times…

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From everyone at JIM thank you for your ongoing support this year and we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Just keep Jimming!

P.s Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for some JIM inspiration @JimJimPlay

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