What’s your excuse in winter?

November 24, 2015

The Christmas adverts have officially been launched and we are now heading towards non-stop shades of green and red. It is a time of year everyone loves the build up to, but afterwards in January you can’t look at a magazine or watch the TV without something screaming ‘NEW YEAR! NEW YOU! We all love a good turkey dinner and my goodness who can resist a mince pie, but why do we need to wait until New Year to start doing something about it? Why can’t we get active now so we can feel guilt free about Christmas and the general December festivities that go with it?

Just think of how virtuous you will feel by January when everyone is panicking about how indulgent they’ve been, you can simply bask in the glory that you have angelic in the months leading up to it just by being that bit more active.

It’s all well and good telling you to exercise more before Christmas, but dark evenings and miserable days teamed with general lack of energy… it will try to sway you to avoid it. We know that the days are shorter meaning, we have a limited time in the light, so instead of finishing work at 5pm and heading to the gym like you did in the summer, it is now replaced by dark and chilling evenings. Demotivating right? Booking a class then cancelling, after thinking how much more appealing being curled up on the sofa is. Or even the classic, I will go tomorrow, but that never happens, and before you know it you’ve slipped out of your gym routine.

What can you do about it? Well you can’t change daylight savings (Cheers Winston Churchill!) so tweaking your routine in a few places may help save your fitness regime.

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Early bird

Did you know exercising first thing is not only easier in terms of sticking to a gym routine, but it also is a great motivating to start your day. Plus the most satisfying feeling is that it gets your gym session over with, so you don’t have the feeling of dread towards the end of your day. The early bird gets the workout! J

Get a buddy

Another way to avoid missing your training session is to get a gym buddy! By having someone to workout with it can certainly help in sticking to your plan. You wouldn’t want to let them down right? Plus travelling to and from the gym with a buddy is super safe on dark winter nights

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Trying something new

If you find that you need to change your routine to motivate you, then we can certainly help you along your way to that. By making things a bit more interesting it may give you that motivational kick you’ve been after. Our JIM roulette cards are a great way to keep you interested – just ask us for details.

Safety in numbers

We are so excited to announce the amazing classes we offer at JIM. Group exercise can be perfect for those days when you know you need to work out, but need someone else to think for you. You’re all there for the same reason and you’ve all made that effort, plus group exercise can actually be quite good fun too!

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If you know that going to the gym in the evening isn’t going to be your thing now the clocks have changed, look at how easy it would be to go before work or at lunch or perhaps throw in some new ideas. There are so many options right under your nose at JIM and we can really help you. Wouldn’t it be amazing to look and feel good ready for Christmas? Exactly! Leave the Santa belly for the guy in the red suit!

Follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates, tweet us for any class suggestion you’d like to see on our timetable and of course come in to see us for tips and guidance on getting the best out of your workout.

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