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October 27, 2015

Don’t you hate those days when the alarm goes off and you’d rather do anything else in order to avoid it? Let alone even consider getting out of bed for the gym! Or what about times when you’ve finished your lectures or your day at work? Even though you bought your gym kit with you to be virtuous, you still would rather cart it home again because you’re just not in the mood! Sounding familiar?

Sometimes having to be constantly self-motivating can be tough and quite draining, especially when other elements of your life are taking their toll. It isn’t easy, but then if it was easy everyone would be doing it wouldn’t they?

We’ve established that working out solo can be a pain sometimes so what do we do about it? The answer is simple; you need somebody to work out with, which is why we think group exercise could be the key to all your fitness troubles. It gets the job done quicker, makes the time pass and it can even make working out more enjoyable. With this in mind we are so excited to announce that JIM has just launched a brand new group exercise timetable. Yep, that’s right we are moving onward and upward with a kickass timetable that will quite honestly blow your sports socks off.

What will your week look like in JIM Gym classes? Let’s investigate below…

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Monday – ZEUS
Let’s start with the dreaded Monday. For this we have our 6pm class called Zeus, which is predominantly a strength class taught by one of our PTs, Migs. It will help you develop strength in ways you may not have considered before, and will definitely be one to challenge you.

Tuesday – PLAYO

Next is Playo, taught by our ex international decathlete Mike. This is a great plyometric based circuit that will test your body with different exercises you wouldn’t always think to do. Bonus of this class is you can transfer your new moves when you do fancy a solo workout in the gym.

Wednesday – JIM BOX

Its hump day! Get past this and you’re on your way to the weekend, but we’ve had to make Wednesday a big challenge. JIM Box is taught by Head PT, Haider and its intense…want to feel like you’ve worked? This is for you! P.s read about a local blogger’s experience at one of Haider’s classes here.

Thursday – SWEAT

We lied Wednesday isn’t the worst, Thursday is but if you do this you’re sailing all the way to Saturday! This is our class called Sweat and that is without a shadow of a doubt what you’ll be doing. It’s one of our most popular classes where members get straight down to business trying to burn as many calories as they possibly can. Tough… very tough! Up for the challenge?


Hurray! It’s Friday! Migs is back with the Booty Core workout… if you hadn’t of guessed it’s all about using those muscles to shape and tone your bum and abs. Check this off your list at 6pm and you can really enjoy your weekend.

Saturday – JUNGLE JIM

For those of you who like a weekend work out then come and join Migs again at 10am for Jungle JIM. A full body circuit designed only using your own body weight! Test your limits and really kick your weekend into gear with this one!

Like the idea of ‘safety in numbers’ with a group workout?! The great thing is all these new amazing classes are included in your membership – so if you’re already a member then get trying these awesome workouts! If you’re not a member fear not you can still attend at only £3 per class.

Move over Zumba, Au revoir Step and bye bye LBT! If you’re looking for a different kind of workout, something you don’t find in other gyms in the area, and classes that really give you a good high intensity challenge… then you really have no excuse not to give one of our JIM classes a go. To tempt you even further the first class is completely FREE! Yep you read correct, FREE! No excuses now.

Heard enough and want to book on? Please email us or book in at reception.


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