What’s your excuse for not joining the gym?

July 20, 2015

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Squeezing everything into our daily lives can be time consuming, boring and often very draining. Our energy levels dip and the last thing on our minds after a hard day’s work is hitting the gym. Sometimes needs must and that horrible day does take priority and chilling out is the best thing to do, but how many times can a tough day in the office defeat your gym session?

Believe it or not it isn’t just a hard day’s work which causes people to skip the gym; there are numerous obstacles we have to overcome in order to walk through the door. Even top athletes will have days they can’t be bothered or would rather watch EastEnders, but they know in order to achieve goals they need to toughen up and go.  If it was easy everyone would be doing it, right?

Remember you don’t need to be spending hours on end in the gym, there are people who will indeed spend a lot of time working out, but remember what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. This is a key reason here at JIM we tailor our workout plans to suit you and the amount of time you can dedicate with us.

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You can get a decent workout in just 20-30 minutes if you put your mind to it. If you’re still puzzled where you could squeeze this in, here at JIM we’ve got some healthy time swaps to help.

The social media addict
Most of us spend the majority of our days with our phone attached to our hand, texting, calling and social media scrolling.  Have you spent at least 30 minutes on your phone today? Well an average person spends up to 58 minutes solid on their phones. Crazy or what?! If you can’t live without updating the world about your antics, send a tweet declaring your virtuous lifestyle and the fact you’re off to the gym. Chances are you will become envied by all those sat in watching TV… who knows you may even gain one of your friends as a gym buddy!

The soap opera lover         

‘Hell, I can’t miss what is going on in my latest soap!’ We know the latest antics in Corrie can keep anyone tempted, but sometimes we need to take a sip of reality and step away from the likes of Made in Chelsea. Pretty much all TV shows can be caught up on iPlayer or 4OD, so why not give yourself something to look forward to when you get home instead?

The money worrier
Life is a pain when it comes to money with some gyms costing a small fortune. Luckily JIM isn’t in a big city and our prices are the best in Loughborough, especially with our constant offers and many activities. You can pay and go with us or have a monthly membership, but you’re probably wondering what you could swap for this? Love a daily Costa coffee with a cheeky piece of cake? Just by cutting out a daily coffee could save you significantly and that would allow you to become part of our ever growing JIM family. Plus an added bonus is that by ditching that latte and carrot cake, the pounds on the scales will decrease. Money saving and pound dropping? Sounds like an all-round winner to us!


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A lot of people actually find training before work as a bonus because you’ve got it out of the way, you can enjoy your day without it hanging over you. Others like going straight to the gym from work because it eliminates the temptation not to go. Why not give either of these a go and see if they work for you?

Remember it’s not just about looking and feeling good, it is also a huge health benefit too.  If you do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day not only will you start to see changes in your body, you’ll also discover a boost in energy levels after only a few sessions. An even bigger bonus is that exercise releases endorphins which are the bodies ‘feel  good’ chemicals, these are the wonderful things that make us naturally happy people  – we like being happy!

Whatever works for you, stop thinking and start doing. We all have reasons not to go but unless you start overcoming them, you’re never going to get that amazing body you keep dreaming of. What are you waiting for? We don’t bite so why not pop in and see how we at JIM can help you on your fitness journey.

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